Camping Reservations – Do you need them?

You have spent weeks planning and packing for a great camping trip, just to arrive and find the campground packed full! You should have checked ahead if time and made a reservation. Seasoned campers are already aware of this and plan ahead. But, if you are new to camping or just camp once in a while, you should be aware that many campgrounds can fill up quickly.

We have our favorite campground and have a favorite campsite, problem is that it seems to be a favorite of many campers. Knowing this we try to plan ahead and make reservations as far in advance as possible. Having reservations avoids the hassle of driving around and around trying to find a suitable spot to setup camp. If you are going to a new campground try and research as much as possible to find a good site.

The following are some tips we use for making reservations:

  • Plan as far in advance as possible
  • Check on line for site photos and campground maps to help find the perfect site
  • If you frequent the same campground get a map and make a list of sites you like, this helps avoid surprises
  • Visit camping forums and ask what campsites are good and what campsites to avoid
  • Scout ahead if possible

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